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Blockchains let us transfer assets securely without trusting third parties. Unlike banks and brokers, they have no single point of failure. But blockchains are slow and cumbersome to use. They make it difficult to implement large-scale exchanges and everyday payment platforms.

NEX’s revolutionary technology and user interface change all this.

With NEX, you can finally trust yourselves.


Control Unlike a centralized exchange, NEX never takes control of your assets. You hold the keys to your funds at all times.
High-volume, high-speed NEX can compete with the volume and speed of centralized exchanges thanks to our unique off-chain matching engine.
Complex trades NEX handles complex order types that aren’t available on other decentralized exchanges, such as market and limit orders.
Cross-chain trading NEX allows trades between tokens on the NEO and Ethereum networks. Support for additional networks, such as Bitcoin, will be added soon.
Payment service Make payments via NEX, or integrate payment into your web apps. NEX handles automatic currency conversion. If you want to pay in GAS but only have ETH, no problem.
Fiat gateways Licensed businesses across the globe can partner with NEX, providing on and off ramps for fiat currency that allow their current and future users to trade digital assets.
Intuitive interface NEX’s interface makes blockchain accessible to everyone.
The NEX extension The NEX extension is a wallet that allows seamless coordination between NEX, dApps and websites. Install the NEX Extension
NEX token Holders of the NEX token can receive a proportion of trading and payment fees.

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