Token sale information Everything you need to know about the NEX token sale

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The dates you need to know to participate
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Important: beware of scams
The NEX token sale will occur in April and will require contributions through the NEX extension or the token sale feature in NEON wallet. NEX will never ask you to send funds to any wallet address
March 12th18:00 UTC
NEX opens registration for the token sale lotteries
In the first round, we will conduct lotteries among all registered users to select participants for the token sale. The first lottery will select up to 25k participants to contribute up to $1,000 each. A second lottery will select participants from the remaining users to fill any gaps left by participants who failed to register or wished to contribute under the maximum individual limit.
  • To register for the lotteries you will need the following:
  • Your passport or national ID number — This information must match your KYC documents
  • The country issuing your document
What is Know Your Customer (KYC)? Register now!
March 30th 18:00 UTC
Lottery registration closes
March 31st 18:00 UTC
First 25,000 lottery winners are announced on our site
Winners of the lottery will receive a number that identifies them uniquely in the KYC process. This number can be reproduced from a user's registration information using a deterministic algorithm that we will publish after the first round. KYC process opens for winners of the first lottery
All lottery winners will be required to go through our KYC process.
April 7th 18:00 UTC
KYC closes for winners of the first lottery
April 8th 18:00 UTC
Second round of lottery winners announced
Any unregistered spots from the first lottery will be filled through a second round lottery and those winners will be announced.
KYC process opens for winners of the second lottery
All lottery winners will be required to go through our KYC process.
April 14th
KYC closes for winners of the second lottery
April TBA
The NEX token sale begins

Token sale specifics

Two rounds of sales for fair distribution
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Max supply

50 million
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ICO sale amount

25 million
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Price for both rounds

1 Nex = $1.00 USD
Round 1

The first round will occur in April and last for approximately 1 day in estimated block time. We will post the open and close block numbers prior to the sale.

Maximum contribution $1,000.00 Per person (Minimum contribution 1 NEO)
Round 2

If all NEX tokens are not sold after the first round, the second round will last for two additional days in estimated block time, or until all tokens are sold.

Maximum contribution $9,000.00 Per person (Minimum contribution 1 NEO)
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We will accept NEO and GAS for the token sale

The price of NEO and GAS will be calculated through a 10-day moving average on prices from the highest volume exchange at the time of publication of the token sale smart contract to NEO MainNet.

We will publish the rate before the sale

Token distribution

How are the 50 million NEX tokens split?
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1% 500,000 NEX
E.S.O.P stack icon

Company fund

4% 2,000,000 NEX
E.S.O.P stack icon


10% 5,000,000 NEX
E.S.O.P stack icon

NEO Council*

15% 7,500,000 NEX
E.S.O.P stack icon


20% 10,000,000 NEX
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Public ICO

50% 25,000,000 NEX

*Sold with no discount

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**Locked in a smart contract with slow release over 2 years

The NEX Browser Extension

Designed and built with the user in mind

Participate in our token sale using our newly designed and developed NEX beta wallet extension. This browser based wallet will allow users to interact with decentralized apps (dApps), as well as send and receive NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens.

NEX extension screenshot
NEX extension screenshot
NEX extension screenshot
The features that matter
NEX extension feature screenshot Sending tokens Send one or multiple tokens to one or multiple contacts at a time - the easy way to save you time
NEX extension feature screenshot Transactions Track completed and pending transactions easily and efficiently
NEX extension feature screenshot Contacts Easily create, edit and delete contacts to send to or receive from
NEX extension feature screenshot Decentralized app links Linked to decentralized apps to purchase items with the click of a button
More information on beta release dates soon